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Make a professional logo, zero designing skills needed

DesignBro Logomaker guides you through the process of creating a beautiful logo, using only the very best colors, fonts and icons so your new brand will look stunning.

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Create your new brand logo in just a few clicks

We know you’re busy starting the next big thing, so we’ve made DesignBro Logomaker quick and easy to use. Create your professional logo in seconds with our pro logo creator.

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Get a complete brand package ready to go

Get everything you need to brand your startup today with DesignBro Logomaker’s complete brand packages including website, social media and print logos.

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You heard us right, all these logo design benefits
with our online logo maker, at your fingertips!

Designing a logo has a different meaning for everyone. It could be a perfectly simple scribble on a piece of paper or it could be improvised time after time until you find the best one.

With DesignBro business logo maker online, you leverage graphical frameworks that can have endless possibilities and allow you to generate an awesome logo from the scratch, all while giving you suggestions that match your brand identity.

No design experience required
Noteworthy logo designs
Logos in a few clicks
Endlessly possible colors and fonts
Brand packages
20+ logo files for all mediums
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24/7 online logo maker app

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Save time and money

Make your new business logo with our AI logo generator in seconds

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Download a stunning logo

Get an eye-catching logo with beautiful color combination and typograhpy, ready to use in your website, letterhead and social media channels.

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Super-easy to use

DesignBro Logomaker is made for busy entrepreneurs, it's quick as a flash and easy to use

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DesignBro Logomaker recommends popular color combinations for your brand, or you can choose your own

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Font recommendations

DesignBro Logomaker uses and recommends only the best, premium and hand-picked fonts for your brand

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Customised for you

DesignBro Logomaker creates and recommends custom logo designs based on your startup’s category

Narrate more than a name

Our logo maker app has numerous customizing options and styles. You can generate a wordmark or an abstract logo with our logo creator. However, our expert logo designers suggest associating your logo design with its name as both of these components play a role in creating your brand identity. Thus, start by giving us your brand’s name

Finalize a perfect font

The typography that is used to convey a message can impact the message quite largely. Before selecting a font, we recommend you match it with the fonts you use in your other designs and bring top consistency off with our clear and memorable font options. Moving ahead, choose a font type.

Ink in your icon

Bring the graphic elements to your logo design and select icon types based on your preferences. We would like to highlight that while doing so, it is best to keep your industry standards in check as well.Now, select your icon type

Consider all the colors

Color psychology has not just been a buzzing word but an element that our graphic designers considered while providing you with designs in our custom logo maker. Consider the same; proceed based on your target customers.

Land on your logo

As you provide us with your preferences and information, our business logo maker comes up with the best logo design suggestions and gives you a wide range of options from which you can choose and download in your preferred format.There, you have your logo


What makes DesignBro the best logo maker?

We have templates for logo designs of companies in all industries. As we know about your brand details, DesignBro suggests color combinations that match your brand identity. Also, we do the same with our premium fonts. This minimizes your struggle to design a perfectly remarkable logo design. You can also explore our recommendations for a custom logo based on your startup’s category.

How long does it take to design a logo using DesignBro Logo creator?

Designing a logo with DesignBro logo creator takes a few clicks and fewer seconds. You can make your logo in seconds by following these quick and easy steps:

  1. Enter the name of your brand.
  2. Select the type of icon you want to use for your logo design.
  3. Pick a font from our recommendations and a list of hand-picked font styles.
  4. Choose a color combination based on your brand’s color palette.
  5. Select the logo you like the most from a wide range of options.
  6. Voila! Download your logo at checkout and it is ready to use on your website, in print format, and as a mobile applications icon.

When can I start using my logo?

As you complete the download, the logo design is entirely yours and can be used on any medium at any given point in time.

How do I select the colors and fonts for my logos?

There are a few ways to ensure you select the best colors and fonts for your logo design:

  • Ensure that the selected color combinations and font styles match your current color palette (colors on your website, packaging material, and so on).
  • You could also explore font styles and color combinations of other brands in your industry, and take inspiration from the ones working at the top.
  • Most of all, do your research. Know what your potential customers like and how current trends are going.

What is a branding package?

As the name suggests, our branding package consists of all branding elements your brand could need. Here are some of the things you can expect in a branding package:

  • More than 20 logo files for all mediums: website, social media, etc.
  • All the file formats: PNG, SVG, EPS, multi-color variations, and ones with transparent backgrounds.
  • A brand guide designed by experts. This includes website favicon, #hex color codes, entire ownership, and free customer support from the DesignBro team.

What makes a good logo?

A good logo is a combination of the following elements:

  • Understanding your target audience. Even though it is your brand’s logo, know that it is for them.
  • Identity and message of your brand. What does your brand stand for? What do you want to convey through this logo?
  • Quality design elements. Choose carefully from our selected color combinations and font styles, and make a noteworthy logo design for your brand.

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