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What Does a Packaging Design Project Cost?

We’ve created a simple calculator to show you what packaging design would cost when you use DesignBro, where you get professional pre-vetted designers to work on your unique packaging design.

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Obviously, DesignBro isn’t the only place offering packaging design, in general, this is what you can expect in the market:

What does a packaging design agency traditionally charge?

In general a packaging design agency charges between 10,000$ when a smaller agency, to 50,000$ or more for the larger or more specialized agencies.

DesignBro’s take: At DesignBro the price ranges from $752 to $1771 depending on the number of designs you want to choose from.

Is there a difference in cost between 2D vs 3D packaging design?

Not all agencies are capable of offering 3D design. Typically add 10,000$ to 20,000$ to the normal price in case you would like to have the shape of the box, bottle or other pack designed as well.

DesignBro’s take: At DesignBro we do not offer 3D packaging design at this stage, but feel free to contact us & we’re happy to provide an introduction where they do.

Is there a difference in the traditional design agency between Illustrations vs clean design?

Custom hand-drawn designs take more time & many agencies charge extra for them. Typically you won’t see this specified, but just find a higher price in the project, unless it’s a smaller agency, then they might have to hire an external freelance illustrator.

DesignBro’s take: At DesignBro we don’t differentiate between illustrated vs non-illustrated projects, as long as the designer is capable of making them.

Why is a packaging design agency so expensive?

What are you really paying for: Traditional agencies tend to have a very large overhead, think of the office premises, the account teams, secretaries, project management teams, the list goes on. These people need to be paid no matter if they have a ton of projects going on in peak months, or when business is slow.

DesignBro’s take: Many of these roles made sense in the 70’s and 80’s even in the 90’s, however, in today’s world, quite a few of them can be automated for efficiency. We believe in bringing you unbloated packaging design prices.

How many hours does a packaging design agency spend on a project?

This depends on the project, but in a traditional agency it depends per role within the company. For a first design stage typically the experienced designer needs approximately 10 - 16 hours for the first design, after that things tend to go faster for the additional versions. In addition account management teams work on the briefing, liaise with the client, and try to bring input. This increases the numbers to approximate double.

DesignBro’s take: We believe that the core hours should be focused as much as possible on the most important aspect: designing. That being said, the more experienced the designer is, the less there is a need for ‘advice’, ‘project management’ and other roles.

What does packaging design cost at DesignBro?

This depends on the amount of packaging designs you want to choose from. It relates directly to the amount of time that has gone in from that perspective. If you would like to choose your final design from 3 options, it’s $752 and if you would like the maximum number of 10 designs to choose from it’s $1771. You can use our calculator tool above to see exactly what the cost would be.

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